Winter 2020 – University of Edinburgh

I am lecturing in the following courses: Political Behaviour, Introduction to Political Data Analysis and Diversity: Canada and Beyond.

POLI 426 – McGill – Fall 2019

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Course description:

In this course, we will analyze Québec political parties and partisan systems, stressing their historical development. The course then explores various theoretical accounts of Quebeckers’ voting behaviour at the provincial, federal, and municipal levels. We will conclude by addressing current challenges involving political parties and democratic citizenship.

Given the extraordinary context of Fall 2019 regarding the electoral system reform proposition at the provincial level, we will examine the current electoral system with a comparative perspective. Moreover, the federal election (October 2019) will also provide a unique opportunity to discuss the role of Quebec politics in Canadian national politics. It will be possible for the student to work on this election for the final paper.


Introduction to Stata [used in some workshops and POL2809 – Fall 2017 and 2018]

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I first made this introduction for the students of the POL2809 (UdeM) in 2017 and 2018 who attended lectures that discussed the theoretical and empirical concepts/tests that are part of this introduction.

The first part shows, step-by-step, how to conduct a detail description of your variables and bivariate analyses. The second part is about conduction different regressions – Ordinary least square (OLS), logistic, and multinomial.

Finally, it includes several tips regarding data visualization and how to show the substantial effects of your variables.