About me


I am a Lecturer (Ass. Prof.) at the University of Edinburgh, Politics and International Relations (PIR).

Previously, I was at McGill University for a post-doctoral position (2018-19), Harvard University as a visiting scholar (winter 2018) and Université de Montréal for my PhD (2014-18).

My research/teaching interests include political behaviour, public opinion, research methods, Canadian and comparative politics.

The Motivation to Vote, co-authored with André Blais, is now out (2020)!

I also published scientific articles in the Journal of Politics, Legislative Studies QuarterlyElectoral Studies (2x), Party PoliticsWest European Politics, RepresentationGovernment and OppositionCanadian Journal of Political Science (3x), Canadian Journal of Communication, Canadian Public Policy, Politique et Sociétés (3x), Perspective on Politics andFrench Politics.

Media: I often give interviews for different international (New York Times, Tokyo Shimbun, CNBC, etc.) and Canadian (CBC/Radio-Canada, The Globe & Mail, etc.).

For more info, click [HERE] for my CV.

Feel free to contact me at: jean-francois.daoust@mail.mcgill.ca [will update with my Edinburgh email soon]

Twitter: @jf_daoust