About me


I am an Assistant Professor at the Université de Sherbrooke (School of Applied Politics) in Québec, Canada, and honorary Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh where I was a Faculty member (2020-2022).

My research interests include comparative political behaviour, public opinion, Canadian politics and causal inference. 

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I have published more than 40 peer-reviewed research, including work in the Journal of Politics.

My Google Scholar page might provide a better update (or not). 

Previous affiliations include University of Edinburgh (Assistant Professor, tenure track) McGill University (postdoc) and Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science as a visiting scholar (invited scholar).

Media: I have been interviewed by different news organizations such as the New York Times, the BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, or the New Zealand Herald. Feel free to email me. 

I’m also on Twitter: @jf_daoust