About me


I am a Faculty at the University of Edinburgh (Politics and International Relations).

My research interests include comparative political behaviour, public opinion, Canadian politics and causal inference. 

Click [HERE] for my CV.

I have published more than 40 peer-reviewed research, including work in the Journal of Politics, Electoral Studies (3x),  Journal of Experimental Political Science, European Union PoliticsParty PoliticsWest European Politics, Political Studies, PLOS One (2x), British Journal of Politics and IR, Harvard Kennedy School Misinformation Review, Canadian Journal of Political Science (3x), etc.

My Google Scholar page might provide a better update (or not). 

Previous affiliations include McGill University (post-doc) and Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science as a visiting scholar (invited scholar).

Media: I have been interviewed by different news organizations such as The New York Times, the BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, or the New Zealand Herald. Feel free to email me. 

I’m also on Twitter: @jf_daoust