Publications & CV

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Peer reviewed publications

[Forthcoming]] Daoust, Jean-François and André Blais, How much do voters care about the electoral outcome in their district?, Representation.

[Forthcoming]] Daoust, Jean-François and Ruth Dassonneville, Beyond Nationalism and Regionalism: The Stability of Economic Voting in Canada, Canadian Journal of Political Science.

2017 André Blais and Jean-François Daoust, What do voters do when they like a local candidate from another party?, Canadian Journal of Political Science, 50(4): 1103-1109.

2017 Daoust, Jean-François and Katherine V.R. Sullivan, Campaign-specific Information and Media Effects, Canadian Journal of Communication, 42(4): 669-681.

2017 Daoust, Jean-François, Le mystère de Québec, Politique et Sociétés., 36(2): 143-158.

2017 Daoust, Jean-François, Démocratisation de l’information : effes différenciés des médias traditionnels et des nouveaux médias, Politique et Sociétés, 36: 25-46.

2015 Daoust, Jean-François, Vote stratégique : analyse de l’élection québécoise de 2012, Politique et Sociétés, 34: 1-22.

Non peer-review publications

Jean-François Daoust and Fernando Feitosa. 2017. The impact of motivational and access factors on youth’s decision to vote. Research report made for Election Canada.

Jean-François Daoust. 2017. Beware of larger electoral districts. IRPP (Institute for Research on Public Policy).